Finally, software that understands what you say

Even a limited degree of genuine language compression opens up a whole new market of voice enabled devices and applications. Our first commercial applications will be sapiens delivered to customers with models and vocabularies tailored to their requirements. When our core language comprehension capabilities have reached a sufficient level of maturity, we expect to license our natural language core to enhance the current generation of chatbots including “digital personal assistants like Apple’s SIRI and Amazon’s Alexa.

As the Company continues to expand our core MK modules, a whole new generation of sapiens will emerge. These will have a degree of self awareness and volition as well as an in-depth model of human wants, needs, and desires. They will be designed to work directly with people supporting them in a variety of roles.  We call them Personal Sapiens. They will be the world’s first true Artificial Intelligences.

Personal Sapiens

Personal Sapiens will be designed to focus on a single human individual: their principle and will come in both consumer and business configurations.




Assistant/Executive Secretary

Group Sapiens

Group Sapiens will work for relatively small groups of people performing a coordination role such as for a club of civic organization where the sapiens will have a relationship which each member while reporting the group leadership. Group sapiens will also be customized for educational and business environments where they can function as virtual employees.

Club Administrator

Virtual Receptionist

Virtual Teacher

Public Sapiens

Public sapiens will be designed to interface with the general public or at least an indeterminately large number of individuals. A Public Sapiens could be endowed with in-depth knowledge of particular subject and become a paid or free web resource.

On-line Expert

Virtual Professional

Corporate/Public Spokesperson