A Blue Ocean of New Markets

No one as ever succeeded in making human knowledge computable in a machine before. Combining carefully curated human knowledge about everything from the control and monitoring of complex machines to the common sense world and human languages opens up a wide range of new, totally uncontested markets.

Our goal is to put our technology inside of every deviceĀ that can be enhanced by some degree of knowledge and intelligence.
Knowledge is our product and by nature, it is flexible and extendable. All New Sapience applications, whether for business or consumers, are based on a common core. Our modular product architecture allows us to rapidly expand into different markets with products that at first appear to be very different from the standpoint of the functionality they provide but are actually reconfigurations of common elements enhanced by knowledge about the application domain.

New Sapience applications fall under two broad categories: 1) Robotic CKM applications which are those where the knowledge and intelligence is applied at the command and data level of the machine as with the control and operation of complex systems and 2) Sapiens applications which are those that are highly interactive with people and will benefit from conversational interfaces.